Measured Survey

A measured survey is conducted, forming the basis of all design and detailed information produced.

Site Evaluation & Space Planning

A series of planning options examining the property as a whole with the view to rationalizing the internal spaces to maximize the potential and tailor the property to exacting and specific requirements.

Planning Permission

If it is determined that planning permission is required, all relevant documentation and existing and proposed drawings are assembled and submitted for approval and preceded by liaison and negotiation with the local authority.

Design & Concept Development

Once an approved plan is established further detailing of the project can then commence. Including furniture layouts, lighting, services and fixture and finishes.

Project Implementation

This involves the coordinating and production of all information relating to the costing of the works including working drawings, design details, a written scope of building works and schedules.

Contracting & Tendering

Shortlisted contractors are introduced to the project and are provided with the scope of works and thorough site inspection. All contractors’ findings are then collated and presented to the client in a comparative format.

Specifying Furniture & Finishes

Finding, appraising and procuring. This includes the gathering of materials and furniture to ensure all products selected meet with strict criteria, including budget and design suitability.

Project & Design Management

This is required to ensure the smooth transition through design, planning and the construction process. Overseeing the management and control of the project, including the coordination of all sub-contractors, consultants, suppliers and the organization and procurement of all client supply items.

Cost & Contract Administration

Management of the project costs are undertaken and closely monitored through out the process with regular meetings and reports to keep the client informed.